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The SDR Headcount Planning Calculator

Build your SDR dream team.

An accurate SDR hiring forecast is the difference between making your revenue goals or breaking them. We built a headcount calculator that takes the guesswork out of planning, answering key questions like:

  • How many deals do we need to source to hit our ARR goals?
  • How many opportunities do we need to create, factoring in our no-show rate? 
  • Given the impact of ramp time on quotas, how many SDRs do we need to hire?

Churn, time spent training, and the manager:SDR ratio all have an impact on how your team delivers on your goals. Our calculator translates the expertise of seasoned SDR leadership into an easy-to-use template that neutralizes any uncertainty you may have had in your headcount forecasting.

About the experts

imageedit_1_6987433895Terry Husayn

Current VP of Sales Development at Orum, Terry was a top-performing SDR at RightScale (acquired by Flexera) where he broke records for the most meetings booked. He’s also held leadership roles at CloudVelox (acquired by VMware) and

imageedit_3_9045344546Sara Bookhamer

Sara spent 5 years as an SDR leader enduring the ebbs and flows of scaling a global SDR organization. As an Account Executive at Orum, Sara leverages her experience to empower SDR teams to reach their highest potential.

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